About Us!

The modern day Thieves of San Lorenzo were formed in 1999,
and are based in
Pinellas County, Florida,
but we owe our inspiration and our motto,
"We'll Steal Your Heart",
to a brave group of women from the legendary and mystical Caribbean.

The chronicles tell of a quiet and beautiful settlement in tropical San Lorenzo
was repeatedly victimized by Pirates while the men were away at war.
A group of adventurous ladies decided to strike back and "steal" back
what was theirs, thus winning the "hearts" of the San Lorenzo citizens.

On the Isle of San Lorenzo,
Where Honor and friendship reign,
An Adventurous group of women
Cherish all they have gained.

Protecting their tropical isle,
Lorenzo's men head off to war.
Yet lose their majestic treasures
To the pirates who'd come ashore.

Hence, Lorenzo's bravest women
Strike back with all their might.
They reclaim Lorenzo's riches and Steal
The hearts of the isle with delight!

We, the Thieves of San Lorenzo,
Salute you with our champagne
For we know the greatest treasures we have
Are the hearts of the friends we've gained!

2006 Jill VanderKam, V.P.