Rough Rider's Holiday Parade
Saturday, December 6th
Parade Steps off at 11 a.m.
PARKING/Float: Our suggestion is Fort Brooke Garage at 107 N. Franklin Street.  Hourly fee charged, taking cash or credit card.  You can also find parking along Tampa city streets but many streets will be closed.  We plan to meet at corner of Pierce & Polk at 10:00am

STAGING: All participants need to be in staging by 10:30 am. TSL is Staging Section 3, number 34.  Enter at Gate One – Pierce & Polk.  Remember to hydrate; drink plenty of water. Let’s plan to have a group picture beside the float at 10:30am.

PARADE ROUTE: The parade steps off at 11 am.
The parade will begin at Morgan Street and Madison Street travel west on Madison Street to Ashley Drive, turn north and end at Ashley Drive and Cass Street
Notarized Waivers: Children are allowed at the SantaFest Parade.  We must have a notarized wavier for each child.  TSL members may bring 2 children.  Children must be out of diapers and under 18 years old. Minors under 12 must ride the float.  Children may not get on and off a moving float.
Waiver may be printed from TSL website (click here) or picked up at TSL meeting December 3, 2014.
Children’s dress – black pants or shirt, white top, closed toed shoes.  May wear Christmas accessories.

PARADE/SAFETY RULES: This is a dry parade! TSL may throw red, white and green color bead for this parade, approximately 1 mile or less. No beads to police or bands. Do not throw beads until authorized. Escort all guests on the float. No smoking on the float.

COSTUME: Thieves must be in FULL costume, NO EXCEPTIONS. Black knee high boots, TSL Garter, skin-tone pantyhose, nude bra and black boy-type shorts. Sashes are tied from bottom up, bow at top. Christmas headwear is allowed for this parade.

BEAD DROP: Bead drop at the float yard Thursday, December 4 from 4:30 to 6:30.

QUESTIONS???: Contact Sergeant Linda Cannon,, 813-390-0652

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Rough Rider's Holiday Parade