What a way to spend Valentine's Day parading!

Ready to Light up the KNIGHT?
Our floats are lit and will be shining brightly!

Sant' Yago Knight Parade
Saturday 14, 2015  - Ybor City
STAGING: Wristbands are required. Pick up at TSL meeting Feb 4, Thursday bead drop Feb 12, and Hilton Ybor from 4:00 to 4:30pm on Friday 13, finally Saturday at Hilton from 12:30 to 1:30pm. Staging will open at 5:30pm you must be in staging by 6:00pm. TSL is Units 103 and 104 at the corner of Nuccio Pkwy and E 5th Ave.

PARKING: Use the Ybor Parking Garages on the South side of 7th Av if you are unable to get into the lot across from Ybor Hilton. Easier to get to your car at the end of the parade.

Starts 7pm. Nuccio Parkway and 7th Ave to 24th St. NEW DISBANDING PROTOCOL. Be ready to exit the floats one to two blocks after the end of the parade (approx. 25th St). There is a two minute drop-off limit. If you are unable to get off, ride the float another 2 blocks to where the floats are broken down for transit.

Thieves must be in full costume, including black knee-high boots, TSL garter, skin tone pantyhose, skin tone bra, clear straps or rhinestone straps are allowed.  Black panty over your pantyhose. Sashes are tied from the bottom up with the bow at the top. TSL hats only, flat headbands in solid TSL colors: Black, red, white & gold. No scarves. Do rags in solid TSL colors: Black, red, white & gold. Bring your blinky accessories but no light up headwear allowed during parade. No full costume, no parade for YOU! Keep extra hose and clear poncho in your bead bag/bin.

Throw red, white, and gold beads only, approximately 1 gross per mile. No beads to high school bands or police. No glass containers; opaque containers only. No suitcases/wheeled luggage/boxes. Items blocking walkways will be removed. Escort guests while on the float. No chewing gum or smoking on the float. No drinking while walking the parade. Volcano is a ride-only float. Bring donations for drinks at the T-Spots.

Early Disbanding: A pink wristband is required for early disbanding. This allows security to know who is leaving before the end of the parade. Please remember Volcano is a ride only float and is not available for early disband.

BEAD DROP: Thursday, February 12, from 4:30 to 7:30pm. 5116 E Shadowlawn, Tampa.

Sant' Yago Knight Parade