Security RSVP
Sant' Yago Knight Parade

Saturday 14, 2015
Ybor City

STAGING: Wristbands are required. I will give you wristbands at the float. Staging will open at 5:00pm you must be in staging by 5:30pm. TSL is Units 103 and 104 at the corner of Nuccio Pkwy and E 5th Ave.

PARKING: Use the Ybor Parking Garages on the South side of 7th Av if you are unable to get into the lot across from Ybor Hilton. Easier to get to your car at the end of the parade.

PARADE ROUTE: Starts 7pm. Nuccio Parkway and 7th Ave to 24th St. NEW DISBANDING PROTOCOL. Be ready to exit the floats one to two blocks after the end of the parade (approx. 25th St). There is a two minute drop-off limit. If you are unable to get off, ride the float another 2 blocks to where the floats are broken down for transport.

Safety: Mike Smith is our head security. He will assign you to a specific duty. All security must be 21 years of age, have signed a waiver, & be able to walk the parade route. Security is prohibited from drinking alcohol before or during a parade.

Attire: All TSL security must wear black pants, red TSL Security shirt (if you have one already please wear it to the parade) and comfortable closed toed shoes.

Knight Parade SECURITY