Lorenzo's Angels

To participate in the group, you must wear the Lorenzo's Angels shirt.  For the month of March, either the new shirt or the old TBK shirt is fine.

The iron on pattern for the new shirt is ready for purchase. The cost is $15.00 and you don't even have to make it!

The bling pattern is ironed on a white shirt, any length sleeve but it must be a modest neckline. No low cut neck lines for visiting the hospitals and nursing homes.

We want to hear from you. 
Please fill out the form below:

If you want your pattern by the March 4th meeting place your order by Feb. 27th. 

This pattern will be available after that for you to iron on or bring to a bling party for pressing.

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to order your
Lorenzo's Angles Bling Pattern

Bring your shirt to the March TSL Meeting to
have it professionally ironed on.

Thank you for supporting TSL.