Veterans Day Parade


Veterans Day Parade November 7, 2015

PARKING/Float: Thieves Lorenza Float leaves Egypt Shrine parking lot at 8:00am prompt, 4050 Dana Shores Dr, Tampa, FL 33634.  Round trip to and from the Shrine parking lot on the float.

STAGING: All participants need to be in staging by 9:30am on Soccer Ave. by Morgn Wood Elementary School -
Section D - Position 8 for our float.   Remember to hydrate; drink plenty of water. Let’s plan to have a group picture beside the float at 9:30am.

PARADE ROUTE: The parade steps off at 10am.

Where does the Parade start?
From the Baseball Ave Staging Area the Marching Units travel north on Armand Drive to Soccer Avenue. At Soccer Avenue the Marching Units and Large Motorized Units are merged together forming the Parade. The Parade continues North on Armand Drive to Barry Road and turns left on Barry Road to Hanley Road. The Parade turns South on Hanley Road and continues south on Hanley Road to Paula Avenue. At Hanley Road and Paula Drive the Parade disbands with the Marching Units turning west until they pass the Library. The Large Motorized Units continue South on Hanley Road.

PARADE/SAFETY RULES: Do not throw beads.  Beads may be handed to parade participants only.  You may hand out red, white and blue color bead for this parade, approximately 1.25 miles. No beads to police or bands. Do not throw beads until authorized. Escort all guests on the float. No smoking on the float. No drinks while walking the parade. No glass or cans, opaque cups only. Please remember to bring donations for drinks at the T-spot.  Semi-dry parade, limited bar for this parade.

COSTUME: Thieves must be in FULL costume, NO EXCEPTIONS. Black knee high boots, TSL Garter, skin-tone pantyhose, nude bra and black boy-type shorts. Sashes are tied from bottom up, bow at top. Patriotic headwear is allowed for this parade.

QUESTIONS???: Contact Sergeant Bonnie at 813-417-0911
Your TSL Board

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